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Dreaming about a big house with a beautiful backyard? Or maybe a modern apartment in a quiet neighborhood? Whatever your dream is, we focus on the big picture to help you find the perfect place you’ve always desired!

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Of course, we sell many beautiful properties and our statistics speak for themselves. But it’s not what’s most important - our customers’ satisfaction is always our top priority. See what it really means to buy or sell with us.   

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We love to share our knowledge and experience with you. Read some of our latest blog posts and become an aware buyer or a confident seller.
Fueled by a significant increase in inventory, the Dorchester Real Estate Market is on the decline. There are now more renovated and new construction units on the market in Boston as a whole than ever before. This includes both sales and rental units. As more units have…
If you are going to be flipping houses and are not experienced with the permitting process, the first thing you should do is talk to a licensed contractor and confirm if the work you are looking to do requires a permit. In some cases a minor renovation project that only…
A question I get asked time and time again by first time home buyers, sellers, new flippers and even new agents is, “What’s the difference between assessed value and appraised value?” While many confuse these terms as being synonymous, this couldn’t be further from…